Wednesday, March 28, 2012


After a restless night - feeling for Craig and Tom. Had my own 'near death' experience with Mum in July 2010. Here's a little something I put together this morning...for all our Mums.
As a fellow dairy farmer - I though that 'Milking It' was the best spot to post it.

Beyond the call, they do, whatever needs be done
And self-lessly their actions for a daughter...or a son

I saw it in my Mother, as her work would never end
It's continued in my sisters, as they couldn't buck the trend

Most of all I see it every day - in my own life
As a mother's work continues for my children, by my wife

Their desire to serve is constant as they focus on the prize
That one day their kids will shine, they'll just be a different size

For anyone who's experienced the bond between their Mum
Though different for us all, there is no 'rule of thumb'

They're as many and as varied as their children yet unborn
But from day one they're powerless, starting to transform

Yes with a heart of gold and intentions without doubt
Little things in the day to day is what Mothers are about

No matter what the challenge - no matter how seemingly tired
Throughout their days - until the end, it's just the way they're wired

So life goes on, continuing the a son
Too true as it is said, "A Mothers work is never done"

RIP Karen