Thursday, April 12, 2012

The true reality of our elusive freedom!

As I near the end of my usefulness, regarding the RAW MILK debate - I eagerly await someone to take the baton......Any continuation needs to come from outside the dairy industry. As a farmer, I'll be seen to be persuing financial gain in the outcome. The truth is, I already receive the main benefit - of drinking real fresh milk - every single day.

In undertaking this project - I understood only too well the scale of the obstacles in place. The multi-million dollar companies clearly have vested interests in maintaining the supply chain's 'status quo'. While it continues to amaze me, in a deregulated market, the farmer has no opportunity to compete in the market place. This, of course, thanks to FSANZ deeming RAW MILK to be unfit for human consumption.

There must be a hidden agenda at play here - because there has not been 1 single death in Australia, related to the consumption of RAW MILK (in the past 3 decades). Despite a growing 'black market' of health concious consumers over the past 10 years, there have still been no reported deaths in our country. FSANZ are well aware of this market, as they are now putting 'plain clothed' inspectors into health stores - with the very real threat of huge fines, and possible closure. So powerless do these stores now feel, that only one of the ten I sent a petition flyer to, responded - with a reluctance to take a position of support for this issue.

Over the past month, I have shared my blog and petition with many forums on facebook and twitter - including TODAY, SUNRISE, MORNINGS, ACA, TODAY TONIGHT, 612ABC, 97.3FM, B105......and many personal 'health crusaders'. Unfortunately none of the above, (and many more) have been interested in picking up on this depravation of our CIVIL RIGHT to a free country!

Perhaps in part - because this battle has been fought (and lost) many times in recent years. Perhaps this issue just doesn't tug at the heart attract the all important TV ratings that drive our modern networks. Perhaps it's just too hard to try.

It is after all - the LAW. Does that make it right? I am greatly concerned that, through a cleverly coordinated campaign of PROPAGANDA - our government (via FSANZ), have educated the greater population of Australia. The lesson learnt? "Raw dairy products carry too great a health risk". As I like to say, "We need to separate opinion from fact!"

FSANZ did carry out an extensive review of Dairy Products, over the past 3 years. Their resultant document of 119 pages, contains both opinions....and facts. The FACTS overwhelmingly support the very low level of risk, associated with our consumption of raw dairy products - both domestically and globally. Unfortunately, their outcome (based almost entirely on hypothetical opinion) condemned the food safety of raw dairy products.

Our current 1332 signatures is a great start - but that's all it is. It is such a small, insignificant percentage of Australian consumers, that it simply confirms FSANZ position - the level of demand does not warrant another review. To add any momentum, this argument now needs support from a heavyweight - from within the health or nutrition sectors (or both).

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Will the sun continue to rise for the humble dairy cow?

As multi-nationals continue to apply the pressure to milk processors, it inevitably flows onto the dairy farmer. In so doing, the life of our beautiful dairy cow comes under threat. Why? Simply because the extreme financial pressures faced by our current generation of farmers, transpires as increased volumes and productive efficiencies. While the farmer's price received for milk has dropped by over 20% (since the milk price wars on Australia Day 2011), our operational costs continue to rise. And as cost cutting must occur at farm level - this becomes the neccessary evil - for the dairy farmer to remain stay afloat! The more viable the farm - the more available are the funds required, to maintain the highest level of animal health.

The dairy farmer does not have the ability to form a relationship with you - the consumer, and market directly. If this was legal, an increased profit margin at farm-gate, would allow the farmer to produce less milk per cow, reducing the pressure on her,and improving her level of health.

The government has ensured that RAW MILK remains illegal (unfit for human consumption), through FSANZ recent revision of current legislation. This outcome, despite their knowledge that 100,000's of Australian citizens consume raw milk on a daily basis (both dairy farmers, and a growing black market of health concious consumers). Without a single related death reported in the past 30 years in Australia, their decision smacks of hypocracy. It does however insure, that the profit driven supply chain (proccessors and retailers) remain in tact.

Perhaps worst of all - is the infringement of your civil right to choose, in this apparently 'free' country we call home. Today there is an abundance of relavent information available, and a fast growing body of evidence, supporting the known health benefits of raw dairy products. Minimal risks have also been highlighted - from fresh milk produced by healthy cows, fed a pasture based diet. Surely we are capable, and must be permitted to make such choices - for ouselves and our families!

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