Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dairy Farming = Community Service!

I guess a lot has happened since my past post, regarding the 'WAR ON MILK', as I prefer to call it!

I realize that the last post about milk pricing was slightly off the mark. The only way to support your local dairy farmer is to buy branded milk! Boycotting generic, or home brand dairy products, is the best possible way to send a clear message to Coles and Woolies. It will also maintain a greater level of profitability at both processor and farm level.

There has been a lot of negative speculation leading up to the future structure of our milk payment system in Queensland. Sadly I am recently hearing that the speculation will become reality at our upcoming supplier meetings. These price cuts will take effect as of January 2013.

The saddest reality of all is that our very own processor Parmalat (Pauls) will vindicate the ridiculous pricing of milk according to Coles. Rather than making it clear that $1/litre is not sustainable, and forcing that price up, they have chosen to take the soft option. Instead of putting upward pressure on the multi-nationals, they will maintain their margin by further hammering the lowest rung on the ladder....dairy farmers!