Thursday, April 5, 2012

Will the sun continue to rise for the humble dairy cow?

As multi-nationals continue to apply the pressure to milk processors, it inevitably flows onto the dairy farmer. In so doing, the life of our beautiful dairy cow comes under threat. Why? Simply because the extreme financial pressures faced by our current generation of farmers, transpires as increased volumes and productive efficiencies. While the farmer's price received for milk has dropped by over 20% (since the milk price wars on Australia Day 2011), our operational costs continue to rise. And as cost cutting must occur at farm level - this becomes the neccessary evil - for the dairy farmer to remain stay afloat! The more viable the farm - the more available are the funds required, to maintain the highest level of animal health.

The dairy farmer does not have the ability to form a relationship with you - the consumer, and market directly. If this was legal, an increased profit margin at farm-gate, would allow the farmer to produce less milk per cow, reducing the pressure on her,and improving her level of health.

The government has ensured that RAW MILK remains illegal (unfit for human consumption), through FSANZ recent revision of current legislation. This outcome, despite their knowledge that 100,000's of Australian citizens consume raw milk on a daily basis (both dairy farmers, and a growing black market of health concious consumers). Without a single related death reported in the past 30 years in Australia, their decision smacks of hypocracy. It does however insure, that the profit driven supply chain (proccessors and retailers) remain in tact.

Perhaps worst of all - is the infringement of your civil right to choose, in this apparently 'free' country we call home. Today there is an abundance of relavent information available, and a fast growing body of evidence, supporting the known health benefits of raw dairy products. Minimal risks have also been highlighted - from fresh milk produced by healthy cows, fed a pasture based diet. Surely we are capable, and must be permitted to make such choices - for ouselves and our families!

Petition - Legalize raw dairy products



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