Thursday, March 22, 2012

But it is Dangerous....Right?

My fascination with the outlaw-ing of raw milk continues to grow. It did serve a valuable purpose in its day. Prior to effective sterilization of dairy equipment, and more recently, the implementation of bulk refrigeration at farm level, there were genuine risks to consumers.

Today however, the bacterial prevalence is of a much lower level. The disease and viral infections that did in fact cause many deaths a hundred years ago, have been completely eliminated in Australia today. To my knowledge, a likely risk comparison could be draw to eating from a salad bar, or fast food outlet - with an outcome of maybe a 'belly ache'.

In fact, if you are highly motivated, please read (at least in part) the 119 page FSANZ document I've linked. The premise of their recent 'Assessment' (P 1007), and subsequent decline of legalization, appears to be based on HYPOTHETICAL RISK and SCIENTIFIC ASSUMPTIONS!

Wouldn't it be a common courtesy, that FSANZ at least base their 'assessment' on FACT, and real evidence from within Australia? I'm happy for OPINION to be expressed - but not when it comes to the legislation dictating our food choices. As tax paying citizens, we deserve better!

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  1. Many years ago I used to buy a frozen raw goat milk. It was the most wonderful dairy product I have ever tasted. Obviously I can no longer buy it, and I've learned that processed goat milk can't freeze, as it seperates out. Really, I'm in support of anything that gets me freezable goat milk back.