Tuesday, February 27, 2018


The BROKEN SYSTEM requests your support and participation. In fact it demands it - for its own survival's sake!!

Like lambs to the slaughter, you have been groomed and brainwashed so effectively by decades of propaganda - that you have in fact become willing participants en mass, feeding the big machine, that is in turn sucking the life-blood from the very same planet that sustains and supports us as increasingly weak individuals :(

After centuries of degenerative agriculture, and industrialized pollution, and more recently decades of a massive human population explosion, our impact as CONSUMERS has taken it's toll on our one and only shot at existence - PLANET EARTH.

On a daily basis - you are being convinced you are too broke to make any changes in your life, convinced that 'surviving' is the end goal, and a major victory...for you. All the while - handing over what precious little you have, to nourish the machine that is sucking all the life-giving nutrients and resources from our planet. Yes the machine (BIG BUSINESS & BIG GOVERNMENT) is today hard-wired for massive profits, and will bulldoze anything and anyone who dares stand in the way of the status quo.

So it's all over red rover, you might ask?? It's too late and there's nothing we can do, you might quip?? Depends you you talk to - NO, not if you ask me!!

Knowledge and most importantly, its application is where the TRUE POWER lies. Learning, absorbing, understanding the consequences of our actions as individuals is the path to positive change. As there are revolutions happening across multiple fronts on a global scale, the masses will soon overthrow the DICTATORSHIP, in a 'old-school' mutiny.

But we live in an increasingly 'free-world', you observe. This talk of a dictatorship is a nonsense and nothing more than a conspiracy!!

Really? As you are tricked into SAVING money at every opportunity, you have unknowingly withdrawn your financial support of small business, and the growers of your food. Mainstream Media spews this rhetoric at us all on a never-ending loop, with an unapologetic level of insincerity. Why? Because they are controlled by the Corporate Giants who generate $BILLION profits at your expense. BIG GOVERNMENT are also held at ransom to the same GIANTS. Governments the world over are also hard-wired for profit for a different reason. It's out of FEAR as they slip deeper into debt - with some countries now $TRILLIONS in the red :(

The business model you've grown up to believe in has become an illusion. What we are today left with are the remnants of a vision called Capitalism. We no longer live in Democratic societies, applying the intended morals and ethics of the Capitalist movement. The Titanic is going down, and she's taking us all with her!!

Think about it - what is the Queen Bee...without her workers?? Would she have reason to exist? Would she even be able to exist?? What are the $BILLION Corporations, and the obscenely wealthy...without us? Would they be capable of existence without the support from BILLIONS of us 'little people'??

Repression of us as individuals has been for far too long the life-support system for obscene wealth in the 'free-world'. BIG BUSINESS knows it all too well. You know what the irony is? They have successfully convinced us that they are the 'life-support' system for us, the weak, disillusioned, poverty stricken, broken 'little people'. Hmmm...that's a scary reality for them, as there is an awakening around the world, and yes little individuals are becoming enlightened to this truth by the MILLIONS.

BIG BUSINESS be afraid! CORPORATE GIANTS be very afraid!! You will not survive without the ongoing subservient support of us minions. The tail has been wagging the dog for far too long. As the millions become BILLIONS of 'wide-awake' individuals, all businesses will be held to account for their operating practices - financial support will be handed out $1 at a time. Companies and businesses large and small will be appropriately rewarded on merit by us, 'the people', due to their application of morals and ethics.

It has already started, and the movement is rapidly gaining momentum. Only when we consistently and persistently withdraw our financial support, and realign it where appropriate will things change. Then, we will see a slow and painful death inflicted upon the very same organisations who have for decades been inflicting a slow and painful death on our home, our planet.


NEW WORLD ORDER will be restored as 'Earthlings' take back control of their 'Mothership' :)

Join me on my 4Real Pilgrimage in the coming year, as I travel the world - and discover how other Countries are growing their food, and supporting their farmers!

Farmer Gregie :)

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