Thursday, February 8, 2018

Dairy Industry to Disappear in 10 Years!!

I do like to share my thoughts and opinions with a level of enthusiasm that disturbs some people  In truth however, I am quite an analytical being - and my 'opinions' are based on a lot of research, backed by real statistics and good science 

Never before in documented human history has it been easier to access information - on anything...and everything!! It is readily available online, and totally FREE  How awesome - right???

Well, awesome depending whether you're okay with being misled, or genuine in your search of truth...hmmm?? At the end of the day it is up to you, do you own due diligence and be comfortable in your findings. My concern remains with teenagers in their formative years, as their endless hunger for knowledge is at its core healthy - it may lead them to a state of confusion...for years 

Perfect example, on my Facebook page the other day - when a well meaning lady was going to educate me, sharing an article that categorically stated "EXPERTS PREDICT DAIRY INDUSTRY COULD DISAPPEAR IN 10 YEARS". Well of course my immediate reaction was - YES!! that makes perfect sense  NOT  

Now some of you may have heard of an old saying, "And pigs will fly". Maybe if I was to google that, some EXPERT will have already written an article on why it is likely that one day pigs will fly  So I chose not to open the link that was so kindly offered to me (just as I have not yet googled if Pigs Can Fly!!) Rather I googled a couple of other things relating to the DAIRY INDUSTRY 

So what did I uncover???

Most importantly - I got information from a body called FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANISATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS - who base their information from REAL statistics. In their opening paragraph they stated, 

"Milk is one of most produced and valuable agricultural commodities worldwide. In 2013, with a total production of 770 billion litres valued at USD 328 billion, milk ranked third by production tonnage and was the top agricultural commodity in value terms the world over. Milk contributes 27% to the global value added of livestock and 10% to that of agriculture."

What does that mean?? DAIRY is massive globally. 

So what you say - 2013 figures...old information!!

Okay - maybe we'll cross-reference and look at the INTERNATIONAL DAIRY FEDERATION's World Outlook. Interesting.

In every 5 year increment since 2000 - global per capita consumption has increased, and the gap between 'supply' and 'demand' is widening.

In each of the last 5 years individually - per capita consumption has increased.
Dairy had grown to 818 billion litres in 2015 - with forecasts of a 12.5% increase by 2025. Hmmm - so it then has to go from approx 920 billion litres to ZERO in the following 3 years???
Phew...maybe I'll sleep okay tonight after all 

Now on the other issue - PIGS might one day fly...if only us humans would stop fattening them for pork and bacon, they'd be so much lighter 

Yep - right about the same time as the DAIRY INDUSTRY disappears...PIGS MIGHT FLY 

Farmer Gregie 

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