Saturday, July 12, 2014

But MILK is just MILK...right??

But MILK is just MILK....right??

RAW MILK - is in its natural state...completely unprocessed.
It is considered by many nutritional experts to be the most beneficial to our health. Sadly it is ILLEGAL to be sold for human consumption in Australia ("BATH MILK" is a blackmarket
loophole). While I do not personally agree with this law, I refuse to market my milk as 'not fit for human consumption' - and won't be enticed into knowingly breaching it. The risk to my family and farm is SIX FIGURE FINES, FARM CLOSURE, and JAIL TIME. The government should have looked at implementing a regulated raw milk market, ensuring that strict testing, and food safety protocols are adhered to.

PASTEURIZED MILK - required by law in Australia
(along with only Scotland and Canada).

This is the process of heating milk to a minimum 72C,

held at temperature for a minimum 15 seconds then snap chilled to 3C and bottled. In theory it kills all the 'bad bacteria' in the milk. Sadly it also damages some of milk's health giving properties, particularly the enzymes and probiotic effects. It is the least damaging process we subject milk to - this milk
still has the CREAM ON TOP.
While we at 4REAL MILK run as close as possible to the legal requirements, to minimise damage to our milk - big company employees have told me personally of their processing regime - heating milk to 85C not 72C, holding it at temperature for a ridiculous 4 minutes, when 15 seconds is all that is required. What you are left with are highly damaged goods that have been rendered into a longer life product, devoid of nutritional value...instead of fresh milk as it started out.

HOMOGENIZED MILK - is NOT a requirement of Australian law.

Unquestionably one of the most damaging things we can do to milk. The milk is forced through
tiny tubes at pressures as high as 6,500psi, to effectively break up the fat globule into tiny
fragments - that cannot reform as cream. Obviously, all the milk is subjected to this process - destroying its entire structure. The fats, proteins, enzymes and lactose are absolutely
destroyed. Milk is turned into a product that is no longer recognised as a food source to a
growing number of our population.
Much of the allergy and intolerance that people are today experiencing can be attributed to this product destruction. We have had feedback from 1,000's of family members (including my wife and kids), friends, and followers - who are not suffering their 'usual reactions' from the consumption of our UNHOMOGENISED MILK. Science and mainstream medicine may refer to this as ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE, I refer to is as REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE (y)


All major milk processors DO NOT simply skim the cream, and offer you a low fat milk product.
There is again a serious level of damage done, as all the majors homogenise the low fat milk, to give you the illusion of there being none present. There is almost always by-products added back in, as the highest flavour and nutritional component has been removed - they try and artificially boost it back up. Yes we are all becoming increasingly aware that 'low fat' equates to 'high sugar'!! We also now know that without the fat present, our body is not able to readily absorb the rest of the milk's nutrients. Recent research is uncovering sustantial evidence that neither the fats nor sugars in milk are creating any challenge to our body, until they are extensively damaged.


A2 is a naturally occuring genetic difference in dairy cows - it is not breed exclusive. Cows can be tested as individuals, and a herd of mixed breeds can in fact be 100% A2. As a rule the Holstein breed is about 50% A2 - Guernseys are the dominant breed at about 80%. A2 has a different protein in the milk. We are getting an increasing number of people sharing their joy of being able to change to our milk, from A2, without any negative reactions. Our cows are not tested or milk separated, it would be 50% A2 at I remain sceptical that the benefit people are experiencing is from the A2 protein alone.

ESL MILK - (Extended Shelf Life)

Is a level of treatment that falls somewhere between 'fresh' and 'long life' milk...but is always homogenised without exception. The heat inflicted on the milk through this proces has risen from 72C for basic pasteurization, to a whopping 125C!! It commonly has a shelf life of 28 days, or twice as long as pasteurised only milk. Big milk companies love this concept, as adding shelf-life to milk means money to them - all the while they continue to sell ESL milk as fresh milk, and you are none the wiser. The level of illness experienced from a growing sector of our society leads me to believe that the increased level of damage we are imposing on foods like milk in recent years is the true catalyst for our body's struggle.

UHT MILK - also know and promoted as LONG LIFE MILK (for your convenience!)

Ultra Heat Treated Milk is flash heated to over 200C...and literally renders every organism within the milk - DEAD. This product is also ALWAYS Homogenised, effectively combining the two most damaging processes we can inflict on milk. No matter what the NUTRITIONAL PANEL says is contained, it is not in a form available to your body or digestive system. It truly is NO LIFE MILK...extremely misleading marketing...but of course, absolutely legal.

MILK POWDER - dried and concentrated milk solids.

There are now 2 main methods, either through heat and evaporation...or freeze drying. The jury is still out, as to whether there are substantial health benefits in the freeze dried version. I reamain sceptical that our body can ever gain maximum nutritional value from such an excessive and obtrusive process.


MILK is a living organism - the process of it going off, or souring is actually a good sign. We as a society have become brainwashed, into believing that milk should last...and not go off.
Thanks to excessive processing through human intervention, milk has been damaged to the point of being closer to death - giving the illusion of it 'lasting longer'.
MILK is a perishable food - and while all major milk companies are chasing technologies to
give 'their milk' a longer shelf life....Farmer Gregie is committing 'retail suicide'. At Scenic Rim 4REAL MILK, we are promoting the health benefits to YOU, of milk that won't last, and
consider that to be much more important to our future...over and above the profits generated by extending shelf life.

Here's a handy tip no one tells you about when you are shopping. Milk is only required by law to be stamped with a 'used-by-date'. No requirement for a 'date of bottling'. Many of us go for the longer date when shopping - yet some milk with a long date, may already be 2 weeks OLDER than the 4REAL MILK with a short date right next to it. Consumers are none the wiser.

To be honest - if we are unable to make an informed decision, placing a greater emphasis on our eating habits and food choices than we have for the past 3 decades...we will all be in a world of pain - literally!! Until now, most of the information available has been little more than convenient propaganda - pushed onto you in the interests of Corporate Greed. It only seems fair to balance out this debate with some good old fashioned honesty and truth...just saying.

Farmer Gregie :)


  1. I believe most people drink milk for the health benefits real milk does give us. The milk major milk processors supply us with only looks like milk most of the nutrition is dead,
    If you bought a cheap product and it did not do the job it was intended for( giving you nutrition), you have wasted your money.
    If we don't support local producers then soon we will have no choice but to accept what ever the major retailers supply us with .

  2. It was great to meet you yesterday at the Ekka. I grew up with real milk, until the authorities stopped our local dairy farmer delivering fresh whole milk to our house. I am sick of food fads. Everyday there is a new wonder food or ridiculous diet. If your grandmother didn't recognise it as food, don't eat it, or drink it.

  3. Yes, thanks for the chat!! Real food...will never go out of fashion :)

  4. Does that mean that all homogenised milk should be classed as 'lactose free'?

    1. Sorry ChannelBEESO - only just saw your question!! Not at all - lactose free milk is not even lactose free. So big companies add a binder to the milk that clings to the lactose. My very big concern is, what is this binder doing to our body - over many years??