Sunday, September 9, 2012

We Do What We Love - 'cause We Love What We Do!

We do what we love, 'cause we love what we do,
Come the end of the day, while thinking it through,
With a beer in my hand, and a tear in my eye,
I can't help but think what I'm doing - and why?

Am I filling a need, putting food on a table
Or being used and the owners of a label?
More than 80 hour weeks - every day of the year,
The work just gets done, without thought or fear.

So try as we might to explain the true facts......

To paint the picture as our industry cracks!
There'll be no turning back, beyond the point of no return
As I continually attempt to stir emotion and concern.

A failure I feel as my message is lost,
The reception farmers get is as cold as frost!
From the consumer - the processor - Woolies or Coles -
It's as clear as crystal, farmers have no control!

We'll get what we're given, and take what we get
No ability to negotiate - our prices are set.
So be it - each day - 14 hours at a loss...
Like a rolling stone, farmers don't gather moss.

With the best of intention and the highest of hope,
The work's being done...and the farmer will cope.
Yes fresh milk you'll have - for as long as we can...
That time's nearly up...wasn't part of my plan!


  1. Love your poem! Farmers are the unsung heroes of society.

  2. Are you still blogging? I can only see ones from September...